,, ..... a huge thank-you! The wedding you put together for “us” was absolutely perfect, and it was such a pleasure working with you on the ceremony. We received so many compliments on how beautiful it was, and how well it suited us. “We” have wonderful memories of that day, and having you perform such a perfect ceremony makes it so meaningful. You have a gift and I am thankful......
Peter and Derek
,, Thank you so much for marrying us. The beautiful ceremony you wrote was perfect for us. We were so excited at the time, the words didn’t sink in. When we returned home we read them over and over. It was a beautiful day for us and a fulfillment of a dream. You seemed to intuit the situation and made the ceremony so right. God bless.
Joe and Ken
,, Thank you so much for all your help, words of wisdom and spirit. We couldn't have done it without you, nor would we want to.
Kristin and Chris
,, Thank you for making our special day so joyful. Hope and I will cherish your embracing us in marriage. God bless you!
Patrick and Hope
,, Thank you for presiding over our wedding. We are thankful to you for making that day – the most important day of our lives- so special. You were calming and gentle; for the rest of our lives together we will be grateful to you for marrying us. (We will also be grateful for your patience during that long walk to the site of our marriage!) Thank you from the bottom of our collective heart. ......
Brian and Claire
,, ....We will always remember you, your advice and the touching ceremony that you orchestrated. Thank you for being such a committed and sincere person...
Nadia and Tony
,, Thank you so much for making our day “ours. Your words mean everything. Thank you again.
Kristin and Rob
,, Peter and I would like to thank you for your services at our ceremony. Our whole family really enjoyed themselves and commented that they thought we were friends with you. They were amazed we only met once for such a personalized ceremony. We really appreciate your personal touch.
Peter and Bonnie
,, Thank you so much for making our renewal of vows so special. The ceremony was very heartfelt and our family very touched. I am so happy that you presided!
Marcia and Jack
,, Thank you so much for putting together a beautiful ceremony for our wedding and or agreeing to do the memorial service. I’m sure everything will go beautifully! We really appreciate it.
Keith and Bethany
,, We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful marriage ceremony you wrote for us. You made our special moment everything we wanted it to be. We will always remember you as a mentor and friend.
Josh and Jessica
,, Thank you so very much for officiating our beautiful wedding. The ceremony was lovely, and full of significance and meaning for the two of us. We so enjoyed working with you, and thank you for being a part of our memories.
Dave and Monica
,, We appreciate all the hard work you did in order to make our ceremony special. It was wonderful, thank you!
Karen and Denise
,, We both want to thank you for conducting such a beautiful wedding ceremony and uniting us in marriage. The words chosen and the sentences used in it brought tears of happiness to everyone. Your suggestion of using the garden to pledge our vows added a warm glow to all of it. The sharing of the cup of wine and its meaning to our future life together enhanced the understanding of the marital union of us as a couple. There are no exact words to express how wonderful you made us feel on our very special day.
Carol and Bill
,, Thank you for a wonderful and moving wedding ceremony on ...... It was a very special moment for us and we’re very happy you officiated the wedding.
Nicole and Lino
,, Thank you for experiencing our joy.
Jonathan and Mary
,, Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. We received so many compliments on the ceremony! It was full of laughter and tears and love – we couldn’t have asked for more.
Emily and Jesse
,, Thank you, Jean, For putting together a lovely ceremony. Despite the difficulties of the morning, it turned into a very enjoyable day as soon as we arrived. ..... We both appreciated the kindness you shared to make our wedding special.
Krista and Greg
,, Jean helped make our wedding ceremony truly unforgettable and we can not thank her enough! She made my husband and I very comfortable when we met during our consultation and when she sent us the rough draft of our ceremony it really felt like she customized to us. We did have a few edits and Jean was more than willing to be flexible and make sure our ceremony was exactly how we wanted it. We even added in a last minute part to include my husband's two kids and she rolled right with it. In the end, perfect doesn't describe the ceremony enough. Jean was easy to understand and hear for all of our guests and felt very genuine as she spoke. Every single guest I've spoken with so far has said they cried during the ceremony. It was amazing and we can't recommend Jean enough!
Sarah and Mike